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New blog on Ohio politics

Right Angle is a new blog focusing on Ohio politics. It looks like it will be worth paying attention to, especially considering that there will be a real GOP primary (rare for Ohio) for the governor’s race in the Fall of 2006. Ken Blackwell, Jim Petro and Betty Montgomery are running. 

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is not a godd candidate. Blackwell and Petro are far more capable than her.

I am tired of all the pseudo-moralistic preaching from these people about gambling. According to Betty Montgomery, "Quite frankly, I’m opposed to gambling, so it doesn’t matter what the proposal is." So let me get this straight, Betty. When it comes to abortion, you favor letting individuals decide. When it comes to how I spend my spare time, however, it is your personal opinions about gambling that will determine the law. Doesn’t seem very consistent to me.

Montgomery is lighter than air - which means the principled conservative vote will be split between the two qualified candidates, and she will get the nomination - so that will be three RINOs in a row in the Governor’s mansion.

I think she will roll in a distant 3rd with 20% of the vote. If she wins, I am moving to PA. She is just as liberal as Rendell, but not as smart.

Good call in comment 2. It’s odd that she is so paternalistic on gambling. It must be nice to pick and choose when you believe in freedom and when you don’t. Could we have a little consistency, please?

When freedom has significant negative externalities (e.g., smoking and gambling), then it becomes a matter of public policy. Guns are the same, although I think their positive externalities (protection from crime as well as a deterrent to bad government) justify their ownership (and the Founders agreed, luckily). For conservatives (rather than libertarians), balancing freedom with the public welfare is valid and necessary.

(1) I seriously doubt that gambling has a negative externality large enough to justify the paternalism we are seeing in Ohio. Connecticut has the two largest casinos in the world, and that state seems to be doing just fine.

(2)Either way, Betty Montgomery did not rely on an analysis of externalities. She referred to her personal opposition to gambling. She is a model of inconsistency.

At least this guy has the guts to stand up for gambling.

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