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Religious genes?

It seems as if religious genes have been identified. You make of this what you will; I’m just passing it along. I must say, though, that I love seeing scientists confused.

Genes may help determine how religious a person is, suggests a new study of US twins. And the effects of a religious upbringing may fade with time.

Until about 25 years ago, scientists assumed that religious behaviour was simply the product of a person’s socialisation - or "nurture". But more recent studies, including those on adult twins who were raised apart, suggest genes contribute about 40% of the variability in a person’s religiousness.

Now, researchers led by Laura Koenig, a psychology graduate student at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, US, have tried to tease apart how the effects of nature and nurture vary with time. Their study suggests that as adolescents grow into adults, genetic factors become more important in determining how religious a person is, while environmental factors wane.

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Does this mean that religious people can sue strict separationist groups like the ACLU for causing psychological damage?

Perhaps there’s something that could be done under the Americans with Disabilities Act....

Actually Genetech (DNA) in conjunction with our government is working on a cure in the form of a virus that would disable the religious genes, we believe such biological warfare might prove a valuable weapon in the middle east and elsewhere...

John, referring to religion as a "disability" strikes me as a little far off the reservation.

The Calvinists are going to love this...

John, referring to religion as a "disability" strikes me as a little far off the reservation.

Quit being so sensitive. If religiosity is biologically determined, and hence not a matter of free choice, it seems as though one could ask for protection under the ADA. That’s all I meant.

The Calvinists are going to love this...


I find this quite plausible! These people are the lost tribe of last!

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