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Slaves not freed in Niger

Here is an interesting report from the BBC:

The government of Niger has cancelled at the last minute a special ceremony during which at least 7,000 slaves were to be granted their freedom.

Acting under pressure, Niger’s parliament banned the keeping or trading in slaves in May 2003.In a ceremony in December 2003, dozens of slaves were liberated, many of them shedding tears of joy as they were given certificates showing they were free.

There are thought to be 43,000 slaves in Niger. (Thanks to Powerline).

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Saudi Arabia gave up slaves a few decades ago. However, I don’t really believe it was for altruistic reasons...

What they have now in Saudi is a system of expatriate guest workers, who live lives not much better than slaves. Their pay is rather small, and much of what they earn ends up back in the hands of their "recruiters" in their homeland.

On the whole, I’d guess that it costs a lot less to maintain a guest worker, than it does a slave. When the guest worker becomes a problem (sick, injured, not a good worker, unexpectedly pregnant, and so on) all it costs the employer is a plane ride home for the worker. For a slave, you are stuck with continuing obligations.

So, for now, the arab elite get to have their workers, without the obligations of having slaves... and it probably costs them a lot less!

Just my $.02

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