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Support for EU constitution slips in France

Two and a half months before a national referendum, support for the European constitution in France
has slipped further and now stands at 56 percent, according to an opinion poll Tuesday, AFP reports. The opposition to the constitution is strongest on the Left.

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It’s as I’ve said many times before to many different soon as France figures out it won’t dominate the EU, the EU crumbles. Federated Europe has mostly been a scheme for France and Germany to return to greatness, but it requires real sacrifice and some degree of altruism to make it work for all of Europe. Neither of those traits are in the French least not in recent times.


Comic Timing (07 March, 2005)

"France’s president Jacques Chirac has announced the day his nation will vote on the European Constitution. It’s the 29th May, the earliest date his government could book.

One of Chirac’s dearest wishes is to separate the debate on the constitution
from the debate on Turkish membership of the EU. Indeed, one of the reasons he
rushed the referendum was to put as much distance as possible between the
constitution vote and the date on which Turkey begins official accession talks
with the EU - October 3rd.

If he wanted to distract opponents from mentioning Turkey in the referendum, he
couldn’t have picked a worse day: May 29th is the anniversary of the fall of
Constantinople, which was finally taken by Ottoman Turks in 1453."

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