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Will GOP pick up North Dakota senate seat?

PoliPundit reports that (according to Rollcall, for paid subsribers only) "Republican strategists in Washington, DC are increasingly confident that Governor John Hoeven will decide to run against Senator Kent Conrad in 2006. This would be a major coup for the Republican Party. Hoeven won re-election in 2006 with 71% of the vote." Also remember that Bush won ND 62-35% in 2004.

(via Powerline.)

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Let’s hope so. There are serious obstacles in the way of such candidacies. One, it’s more fun to be governor than a senator. Two, Republicans from places like N. Dak. don’t like to go to Washington. More generally, they don’t like to make sacrifices of money and time. Three, there is the problem of small-state politics. Leading politicians in small states, or at least small and poor states like N. Dak., try to get along with each other (there was a long history of "Republicans" for Daschle).

But if Hoeven does run, it’s a competitive seat.

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