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Karl Rove on Michael Gerson

Get Religion calls our attention to a profile of Michael Gerson in National Journal, but (unfortunately) available only to subscribers. My favorite line:

One of the best remarks in the piece comes from Karl Rove: “The shorthand, political way to say it is that Mike is the one always wondering how we can achieve liberal goals with conservative means.”

I’d love to know precisely what Rove meant by that remark. Is it just another way of saying "compassionate conservatism"? What does it mean to trade conservative for liberal goals in government? What differences between liberal and conservative goals do Rove and (apparently) Gerson have in mind? If conservative goals aren’t "good enough," is it because they’re theoretically or morally deficient, or because they’re politically problematical? If I weren’t so doggone tired and preoccupied with my seminar, I might actually begin to venture some answers to these questions. For the moment, however, I’ll cede the field to you, dear readers.

Here’s the whole article, thanks to Joel Rosenberg and Hunter Baker.

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