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Memorial Day ride

Because today is Memorial Day, I will ride to a cemetery in honor of those who have sacrificed their all. I have always gone by myself, but today I will ask my youngest--Johnny is now 17--to go with me on this one. It may be good for the "small man," as I call him, to see his father shed tears of gratitude. This is a piece I wrote after such a ride on Memorial Day in 1997. God bless the soldiers ad patres.

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And here’s to Bush, and all the policies of him and his administration that you promote that will ensure that there’s always a pile of fresh dead American soldiers to mourn over and whip up some jingoistic bullshit over!

So, tell us, has Johnny chosen the Air Force - where he might be able to convert some non-Christian heathens in the Air Force Academy - or the Marines, where he might have a somewhat greater chance of being cannon fodder??

Mr. Sczadlo: I hereby certify you as a 100% grade A asshole. You are a moonbat extrordinaire. Move to France! Our vets saved their socialist asses. We should have started fighting back before 9-11-01 you asshat. Take you Kerry/Edwards sticker off your car. The recount is over.

Tomasz: I too certify that you are an asshat.

I oppose the use of the a-word as presented by Mr McCartney. Mr McCartney should be banned to present his comments here. Calling names is in exteremly poor taste, particularly if vulgarities ate used. This is a family blog!
Can Peter Schramm do something about it? Is being a fan of Bush excuse lack of good manners?

This is to respectfully request everyone, including Mr. McCartney, not to be personal, vulgar, or crude, in your comments at NLT. Thank you.

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