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No Left Turns

No Left Turns Mug Drawing Winners for April

Congratulations to this month’s winners of a No Left Turns mug! The winners are as follows:

Andrew Willis

Stefanie Smith

Paula Fentnor

Mark Favazza

Harold O’Keefe

Thanks to all who entered. An email has been sent to the winners. If you are listed as a winner and did not receive an email, contact Ben Kunkel. If you didn’t win this month, enter May’s drawing.

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I gave 101/2 years of my life to the UNITED STATES AIRFORCE and I am proud for every day I spent in The Air Force.

I never went in at 8:00 and got off a t five! I worked as an A/C engine mechinic as much as three days and nights on the A/C that took your beloved Jar heads where they were going!

I have worked as many as 16 hours a day seven days for eight months without a day off on Tanker A/c that refuled B-52.

Ask the Marines that walked out of the Chosen who they like!

In WWII there were more airman killed than Jar heads and Navy put together. Most of these were killed five FIVE MILES over Germany.

Let the Jar Heads brage but if it was not for the Air Force alot of them would not be alive to day.

Ed Ashworth Buck Sgt. USAF

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