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The 2006 mid-term elections for the House

Larry Sabato writes a few prosaic paragraphs on the 2006 elections for the U.S. House, focusing on Delay’s problems and how that may (or may not) affect the midterm elections. Nothing much there, but his analysis of the "fifteen districts particularly likely to host hard-fought barnburners in 2006" is more interesting. Among those districts: Texas (22nd), Indiana (9th), Illinois (8th), and Ohio (6th).

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Sabato’s frequently good, but he’s smoking crack if he thinks DeLay matters nationally. Nobody even knows who DeLay is nationally, as poll after poll confirms. And the Travis County DA didn’t make himself look too good with intemperate remarks about DeLay at a Dem interest group fundraiser.

Now, if DeLay is actually convicted, that would be a different story. But the party will drop him without hesitation at that point, like the party always does, and another conservative will win that district.

It’s no more complicated than that. The amazing thing is that the Dems keep spending money on anti-DeLay ads when nobody cares. That’s funny.

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