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The Air Force recruiter

I’ve received a lot of comments on my post a few days ago on the Marine and Air Force recruiter. Not all the comments were public, many were e-mail notes to me, and some are angry, thinking that I denounced or disparaged the Air Force. I did not disparage the Air Force. I have absolutely no reason to disparage any of the branches. I hope that’s clear. And John is free to sign up with any one of them. I did think the story was worth telling. Now, it is also true that I have always been prejudiced for the Marine mode of recruiting because it emphasizes manliness and the martial virtues and, therefore, a kind of exclusivity that appeals to some young men. Enough with the e-mails already!

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I think my comments were clear enough for you to understand that my anger wasn’t against you, but against an unprepared and uninspiring Air Force recruiter. It’s a hard job made even harder by not fully understanding what’s at stake, and not preparing for the demands of the job. I actually APPRECIATED your comments!

I have some experience with the Air Force and I will disparage them.

Give me a man - give me a Marine!

Kelso - I won’t ask if you won’t tell!

Mr. Schramm - Check out the definition of disparage (Mine says "to speak of in a slighting way; belittle). Then look again at what you wrote. By any reasonable standard, you were disparaging, both directly and indirectly, towards the Air Force. I’ve seen or heard it a million times before, the tired old Macho Marines Vs. Sissy-Boy Air Force garbage. Your backpedaling now doesn’t change the fact that you did disparage the Air Force. It’s hard to tell if your 2nd post was an apology or just saying that some of us lack reading comprehension skills. I don’t!

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