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What the mainline churches seem to mean by sin

Rayond J. Keating offers a very nice discussion of these two statements, one on the environment, the other on the Bush Administration’s FY 2006 budget proposals. Keating rightly asks why these organizations are ready, willing, and able to use the language of "sin" with regard to the environment, but much less willing to do so when it comes to issues connected with abortion and marriage. 

Hat tip: PowerBlog.

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Yes, but does that make environmental degredation more acceptible? Abortion, yes, killing. Got it. Marriage? Jesus speaks of divorce, but not of gays. Jesus asked us to love one another, as we would want to be loved. He also asked us to follow God’s commands and care for his creation. Jesus taught compassion, and took in the tax collector, the prostitute, the weak, the lame, the poor, and told them all that the least of them would inherit the Kingdom Of Heaven.

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