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Flea Markets, eBay, and a Good Read

Peter’s post below about the effect of eBay on flea markets brings to mind a few thoughts:
eBay is o.k., but the whole "PayPal" thing is kind of a hassle. Also, I’m still the sort of person who likes to touch something before I buy it. For that reason, especially, I much prefer Craig’s List. The problem with all of these things, however, is that it is increasingly difficult to find anything at a steal. The virtue of the information age is that everyone can be informed. That can also be its vice. Everyone is too savvy these days about pricing.

A great read on the old style "flea markets" and the culture of always pursuing the elusive bargain is Larry McMurtry’s Cadillac Jack. I liked it also for its prominent mention of my hometown of Zanesville, Ohio--famous for its world class pottery and antiques.

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