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NARAL pulls offensive ad

Under withering fire from some ordinarily friendly places, NARAL has decided to pull its ad accusing John Roberts of supporting abortion clinic bombers, though a "NARAL spokesman said it will remain on the air for another day or more until the substitute ad is produced and made available."

While many leading Democrats (Edward Kennedy, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi, for example), have distanced themselves from the ad without repudiating its contents,
former Clinton Administration official Lanny Davis has been actively denouncing it.

On the other hand, Barbara Boxer has
embraced the charges, repeating virtually word for word the line about siding with "the nation’s most violent anti-choice extremists." Of course, the speech reveals more about her than about Roberts. While these events were surely awful and demanded an effective law enforcement response, it doesn’t mean, as Boxer (and others) seem to think, that we should simply grab any legal tool at hand, regardless of its appropriateness. Nor does it mean that we should always involve the federal government. On these issues, compared with Boxer, Roberts looks great, which comes perilously close, of course, to damning him with faint praise.

One last point about Boxer’s speech. In this passage, she reveals that she is either ignorant or mendacious:

We can never forget the days before Roe…the days of back alley dangerous illegal abortions when thousands of women died every year. We cannot go back to those dark days.

As everyone ought to know, the overruling of Roe at most simply leaves the regulation of abortion up to the states. If, as she contends, 65% of the American people support abortion rights, what does she have to worry about? Is she not confident about that number? Does she fear that that number includes many who support limited access to abortion (restricted, perhaps, to cases of rape, incest, and threats to the mother’s health)? Hmmm.

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In addition, if my memory serves me correctly, the "back-alley abortion" numbers Sen. Boxer quotes were proven to be mythical at best not so long ago.

Could some please post a topic on this. I am actually shocked that it hasn’t been done already.

Perhaps now we know the subject of classified documents from the National Archives that Sandy Berger, Clinton’s national security advisor, stuffed down his shorts in order to keep them from the 9/11 Commission. As you recall, after the FBI showed up at his house with warrants last July, Berger coughed up some of the documents, but somehow all his handwritten notes regarding how the Clinton administration handled al-Qa’ida threat information in December of 1999 had disappeared. Coincidentally, Able Danger’s intelligence on Atta’s al-Qa’ida sleeper cell was posted in December of 1999.

Jamie Gorelick who for the DOJ under Clinton was a member of the Commission. This stinks of cover-up.

Mr. Anonymous is RIGHT. You, the powerful NLT thread-initiators, are falling down on the job. The Able Danger scandal MUST be addressed...don’t be behind the curve on this one.

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