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Sen. Specter’s latest outrage

Has anyone else noticed this from Arlen Specter? Bloomberg reports that Sen. Specter has urged Bush to delay the nomination for O’Connor’s seat on the Court because O’Connor is prepared to stay on for a while longer. The senator knows this because he has talked to O’Connor. Isn’t this an outrage, for a number of reasons? On the most human level, I thought that O’Connor needed to resign so she could take care of her ailing husband. This means nothing to Specter. Also, what right does Specter have to negotiate with a sitting justice about these matters? Also note this: "Specter said the delay would give Congress and the rest of America more time to know John Roberts as chief justice. ’When we know a little more about Judge Roberts it’s going to be easier with the next’ nomination, Specter said." Am I wrong to think that all this is outrageous?

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Oh yes, Peter, of all the things going on right now, THIS is an "outrage." Please, it hurts when I roll my eyes that hard!

I agree with Peter...who is this man to monkey around with the polity? The difference between war and politics is the rulebook. Sen. Specter asserts himself improperly here. Let O’Connor go...she’s had her run. Nominate the next candidate and let the fireworks begin...all it takes is some guts.

Specter is a certifiable, egotistical idiot. Remember, this is a man who quoted ’Scottish law’ to excuse his lack of a vote in the Clinton impeachment trial.

He is not a friend to any conservative cause. His only loyalty is to Senator Arlen Specter. Frist should have had the cohones to deny him the chairmanship of the Judiciary committee last spring. Kyl is a much more reliable conservative.

The president ``was noncommittal,’’ Specter said. ``The body language was not very positive,’’ Specter said.

Yeah, well I’ve got some body language for Specter, and it only requires one-fifth of one hand.

For heaven’s sake, let the woman take care of her husband, Senator Specter.

Well if he’s talked to Justice O’Connor, and she gave her approval to the suggestion, doesn’t she have some fault too? Or are we not getting all of the information?

Dittos, Dr. Schramm! To think that the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee would have such poor reasoning in regard to the President’s next judicial appointment is truly a disappointment. And on your latter point, the behavior of John Roberts on the hight court (provided he is nominated) should have little to do with the qualifications of the President’s next nominee.

Two things that comfort me about todays Arlen:
1. Bush doesn’t listen to him.
2. Bush doesn’t listen to him.

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