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Illegals, Tancredo, and Bush

George Will reflects on Rep. Tom Tancredo’s quixotic presidential candidacy in 2008. Maybe it is quixotic, but Tancredo also "knows that presidential primaries are, among other things, market research mechanisms whereby unserved constituencies are discovered and dormant issues brought to life." Illegal immigration will be his issue and the GOP will have to deal with it. Morton Kondracke argues that President Bush should step up to the plate and be a leader on this critical issue. "If Bush continues to let the issue fester, chances are good that Congress will deadlock, U.S. borders will remain insecure, 11 million illegal immigrants will continue to live in the shadows and be subject to exploitation and hundreds of people will die each year trying to make their way across the parched Arizona desert.

And if that happens, the issue is likely to become even more divisive in the GOP and in the country at large, possibly upsetting chances that Hispanics will emerge as a two-party swing constituency."

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Tancredo has my endorsement. The current GOP strategy of wooing the Hispanic vote will ultimately lead to its demise as a majority party. Indeed, the window for heading this off is at hand...Bush has always been wrong on the immigration issues, and we’d better fight this battle in 2008. Given that we probably won’t have the electoral strength to do so much after that date, the issue is of paramount importance.

How do we get these "Tall guy(s) with hair" as Tancredo puts it, to start being sensible on these kinds of issues? Is it me or has the Republican "majority" occurred on the back of a sharp turn to the left?

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