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Cisco Systems will triple the number of workers it employs in India in its biggest investment outside the US. It plans to inject $1.1bn of investment into India over the next three years. Cisco Systems is the world’s biggest maker of internet equipment. India’s economy continues to grow at a good pace and by 2025 the Indian economy is projected to be 60% of the U.S. economy, and by 2035 the Indian economy will be only a little smaller than the US economy but larger than that of Western Europe.

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Forget China, the place to be in the next 30 years is India.

Forget China? They are setting record FDI . This isn’t a case of China’s FDI going to India. They will both be setting even more records in the future.

Stop worrying about China AND India...start worrying about your own jobs! I’m certainly not a Buchananite on the issue of out-sourcing overseas, but for the first time we are exporting highly-skilled white collar quaternary employment. This is not a good sign, folks.

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