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No more doughnuts

How uncivil of Steve to say something like this! On the other hand, truth be told, I would love to have a doughnut about now! Quitting smoking is nothing compared to not eating what I like! You put a steak in front of me and a loaf of good bread (with some butter), and I’ll pick the bread every time. Then, I would have doughnuts for dessert. But, alas, no more. I now eat merely to live, not to live well. Gloom and misery reigns, poor me, fifty pounds lighter, but a heavier soul, for sure.

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Peter, the pencil-neck! How sweet it is to see such a wonderful example of poetic justice:)


You nailed it, wait until he sees this.

You are now on the ’If it tastes good, spit it out’ diet, eh? Better than the alternative.

I have seen "this" and I am not amused. Pencil neck? Me? Never! Tony, you have attended your last Ashbrook seminar! I am deeply hurt....going from the best looking, most intelligent fat man on campus (as one of my students said in an evaluation a few years back, when I was in my prime), to a pencil might as well have called me a knave, a knotty-pated fool, a honeysuckle villain, a slighty unmeritable man, only good enough to be sent on errands....but not a pencil neck, please.

Dr. Schramm, will it not be difficult to teach boys to be men if you’re going the route of the pencil neck? What a shame.

Peter, as your friend, I can only agree wholeheartedly with the above descriptions you have provided of yourself!

I will refrain (maybe) from any further "pencil-neck" comments. After all, Peter losing fifty pounds is hardly enough to produce a pencil-neck. When you’re 6’2" and 170#, as I am, you can join our elite club and earn the title.

So no more sexy fat man dance?

"Sexy Fat Man Dance?" I never thought I’d see the day... Well, perhaps now it can be a "Not-so-sexy Pencil-Neck Dance."

Understanding that once Dr. Schramm reads this comment by his own son, I am now going to lie (in a feeble attempt to avoid more put-downs at home):
Just kidding!

Hello Schramm the Younger!

So, did you finally decide between the Air Force and the Marines?? Are you pleased with your decision?

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