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Saddam and French pride

Some French links to Saddam are becoming clearer, to no one’s surprise. The AFP reports: "A judicial investigation into two high-ranking former French diplomats -- both suspected of benefitting from the largesse of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq -- has cast a spotlight on the often ambiguous relations between Paris and the former dictator.

The affair also casts a shadow over France’s Iraqi policy and raises suspicions about the complicity of top political figures, according to French analysts and newspapers." But, Prime minister Dominique de Villepin says that France’s honor
will not be sullied by these revelations.

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I think that Dominique de Villepin knows, in his heart of hearts, that French diplomats, retired or not, can no longer make any claim to honor.
Jacques Chirac has to face the music once he leaves office for crimes committed when he was mayor of Paris.
In France, a politician cannot be indicted while in office. Lucky them.

Bill Clinton undoubtedly wished for such a U.S. law during his second term in the White House. Stupid Constitution! The very idea that a politician can be impeached and tried!
Don’t they know who I am?
"Politicians are like diapers. They should be changed often, and for the same reason."

A number of months ago the French weekly "L’Express" had a cover story on the links of Saddam to vari figures in the political establishment. I wonder if these revelations you mention are new or whether they merely confirm what "L’Express" dug up a while ago.

Regardless, this demonstrates that simple anti-Americanism was not the sole source of opposition to the invasion of Iraq. I guess part of the process of becoming "sophisticated" is becoming corrupt and hypocritical. Looking to Europe for moral or political guidance is increasingly futile and dangerous.

I’m sorry. Did you use the words ’honor’ and ’France’ in the same sentance?

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