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The Battle of Trafalgar, the death of Admiral Horatio Nelson (killed by a French sniper on the day of victory), 200 years ago. The end of Napoleon, the start of 100 years of British dominated peace. Still exciting stuff.

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Rule, Britannia! Britannia rules the waves!

The man stood tall on the quarterdeck, and he paid with his life. He also sealed Napoleone’s doom...there never was a greater hero.

Two interesting pieces on Nelson and Trafalgar in the newest issue of The Weekly Standard. And Andrew Stutteford has posted Nelson’s prayer on the eve of the battle over at NRO Corner. Enjoy.

Perhaps the world would have been better off if Napoleon had conquered all of Europe...

No World War I or World War II...

British dominated peace? Rule Britannia?


The British Empire is gone, and good riddance to that! The British Empire was the most evil empire the world has ever seen. Do you know the British have committed the only "successful" genocide in modern times. You can read about the Tasmanian genocide in Jared Diamond's The Third Chimpanzee. During the 19th century, the British exterminated to the last person an entire race, the Tasmanian aboriginals, while they decimated the aboriginal population on the Australian mainland. So much for Pax Britannica... I wonder if you British Empire apologists similarly sympathize with the Third Reich. You might as well, after all, the British Empire is indirectly responsible for the emergence of Nazi Germany. To their credit, the British DID abolish slavery in 1835, but by that time it was virtually inevitable. Why would Americans sympathize with the British Empire anyways? My history is a bit rusty, but didn't we fight the British for independence? And didn't the French help? Had Napoleon been more successful, there would be a more stable European geopolitical climate. Instead, we got stuck with Limey Imperialism...

I don't think Nelson was a villain, as he was only following orders, but he was NO HERO.

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