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The Bush Doctrine

Commentary magazine is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary. Good for them, good for the country. Take a look at
this symposium on American foreign policy and the Bush doctrine: Defending and Advancing Freedom. Over thirty "leading thinkers" (e.g., Buckley, Berman, Hanson, Kristol, Helprin, Boot, Luttwak) respond. Useful.

A sample. Eliot Cohen’s concluding paragraph, harsh, but elegant:

"The expansive vision of the Bush administration seems to me broadly right, and I admire unreservedly the courage and determination with which it has pressed the fight. But how I wish that the spine of steel had found its match in an eloquence suitable to the moment; how I would have desired as great a stress on talent as on fidelity; how much better if the commitment to a vision of freedom abroad were matched with an equal and effective commitment to greatness at home; how ironic and sad that competence—the quality upon which this administration prided itself when it came to office—has, for too long, been in such short supply."

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