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Vonnegut on terrorists

Kurt Vonnegut on terrorists: "They are dying for their own self-respect. It’s a terrible thing to deprive someone of their self-respect. It’s like your culture is nothing, your race is nothing, you’re nothing." Vonnegut is promoting his new anti-Bush book.

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After reading just the first half-dozen pages of his last couple of sci-fi novels, Kurt Vonnegut is nothing. I’d rather read the obituary page of my local newspaper.

If the latest news about Abu Musab al-Zarqawi death is true, we’ve just found the perfect asshole to eulogize him: Vonnegut(less)

Early-to-mid onset senility, no doubt brought on by KV’s 80+ years, and countless numbers of Pall Mall’s.

Gutless? Guy was a POW in WW2. I’m willing to cut him some slack, and remember him for what he actually is -- a writer.

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