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I did not see Bush’s news conference, so I’ll have to hold off commenting. But I did see his address to the nation last night, and I thought it was excellent. Clearly, he has left the post-Katrina doldrums behind, and is now hitting his stride in the post-Iraqi election era. He has taken the offensive. The talk was shrewd, kind to his political enemies, asked citizens for patience, yet makes clear that we must win ("we are there now"), and defeat is not an option. When David Gergen, the Solomon-like-wise-man-who-always-speaks-for-the-whole-of-the-MSM-and-you-do-know
-that-he-has-been-an-advisor-to-over-fifty-presidents-and-he-also-teaches-at-Harvard’s-Kennedy-School, yup, that David Gergen, said that Bush’s speech has "stabilized" his presidency from "near collapse", I knew what Gergen really meant was that Bush had hit a home run and that he is back on top again. Gergen, who is capable of speaking an infinite deal of nothing, has never learned that the purpose of language is clarity. John McIntyre thinks that the trap has closed for the Dems. Please read the piece, it is excellent.

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I was lucky enough to catch the President’s news conference and honestly it was pretty powerful as well. A nice follow-up to last nights speech which I consider not just a home run but really, a grand slam. This is a man who is unafraid to LEAD! I am impressed and I am pleased.

To much of a load for the Democrats to handle.........

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The photo did not go through. Please go to and scroll down to "Saturday Night live"

I thought it was an effective speech. It had a lift to it.

I’ve photographed Gergen before and will again this year at a gathering of "social entrepreneurs". I recall him speaking about religious Americans and saying how one must use caution when arguing with one. He also had a funny definition of liberty, though I can’t really paraphrase what he said.

The worst thing about this event that Gergen spoke at was this one woman who had her baby dressed in a Che Guevara t-shirt. Just awful.

Ha ha ha ha, Jesse Fan- GREAT obviously photo-shopped picture- that really must be TO (sic) much for the Dems to handle!

So Schramm- Bush is "back on top?" A slight climb from such incredibly dismal approval ratings hardly qualifies as being back on top. In fact, he would’ve had to try pretty hard to sink any lower than he was. And if Gergen needs to learn that the purpose of language is clarity, what does that mean for Bush? For starters, I’d suggest that someone point out that repeating the same old B.S. over and over and over again isn’t really that effective or helpful. Admitting that this war is "controversial" (really???) may be a big change for him, but the rest of his empty talk about sticking to it and spreading freedom is nothing new. Amazing what you lot will call a home run.

and is running with it. He’s been virtually begging the Dems to pick a fight over the surveillance issue. Bush is clearly on the rebound--even a sour, hate-filled leftist victim of Bush Derangement Syndrome like Phil Thompson can’t really deny it (but it annoys him, so he tries to sneer it away). And Bush’s stable advantage over the Defeatist-crats on national-security issues remains a strong political advantage.

David Gergen too much, but I know people who have worked under him for years at "Useless News and World Distort" (as they waggishly call their own magazine).

He is a notoriously fuzzy-headed decisionmaker (or non-decisionmaker), elliptical talker, and procrastinator. That’s the joy of being a pundit, I guess--a guy who can barely achieve clarity or dispatch in running a weekly magazine gets paid out the wazoo for publicly critiquing the leader of the Free World. Bush is fair game, of course (please, no posts asking if I want to take away "The Gerg’s" 1st Amendment rights!) but that doesn’t change my amusement at watching Gergen sometimes. He’s a nice man, but I’m not sure I’d let him run much more than a neighborhood bake sale.

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