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Robert Kagan is not a Straussian

Contrary to what a lot of people say, including the execrable Anne Norton, who should know better, Robert Kagan persuasively affirms that he is not a Straussian. I still like his writing and many of his opinions, which seem to me more incisive and better informed than his opinions about Leo Strauss, Allan Bloom, and Straussianism.

Hat tip: Scott Johnson at Power Line.

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"Execrable" is indeed the right adjective. When looking through reviews of this book, I was stunned to find many that were positive. Here are some others that get the essential badness of this Norton’s right:

Peter Berkowitz, "Tabloid Scholarship"

There are two in the Summer issue of "Interpretation," "The Lion and the Ass," and "Anne Norton and the Straussian Cabal."

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