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Mansfieldian manliness

A review and an article, both written by women. Hat tip: The Politic

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After reading the article on the book I don’t want to read it. Not because it doesn’t sound good... I am currently working on a book titled, Poker: What Machiavelli and David Hume can teach us. The core of the poker player is comfort under fire, or Mansfield’s "confidence in a risky situation" which according to the author is the core of his definition of manliness.

Let me just throw this out there: the emmergence and growth of No-Limit Texas holdem is a symptom of and a minor cure for repressed manliness.

In fact perhaps the unmanliness of Asians due to a focus on academics at the detriment of sport activities (not completely true: have to give Japan props for Baseball, and the true world series) spills over into a propensity to gamble, that is reflected in the culture?

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