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Good map

This is a useful map of key Senate, House, and Governor races.

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This is a very good map. Ohio is going to be a battle ground, but I don’t think that things look as bad for republicans as the Post does. Strickland, used to be my congressman in the 6th District and then Ross County was added to Ney’s district after the new districts were formed. Strickland is a lightweight with no accomplishments after 4 to 5 terms to run on. Strickland vs. Blackwell is a lot more promising proposition for republicans than Strickland vs. Petro. Blackwell has always gained a much bigger proportion of black voters than republicans have traditionally. In the 6th, if Wilson doesn’t win his write-in campaign then the democrats will lose that district. In the 18th, neither of the democrats is inspiring. Sulzer is mayor of Chillicothe, where I used to live before coming to Ashland, Sulzer promised the voters 2 years ago that he would finish his term no matter what and that promise and his eagerness to walk away from it are becoming a big issue down there. Zack Space is leading Sulzer in polling but who ever heard of Zack Space. With a little work and luck the Republicans could hold the senate seat, the governorship and add a seat in Ohio.

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