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Isabella instead of lunch

I was to have a lunch meeting with a student over an interesting topic on Nietzsche, but she was to have sent me a draft of the paper before the meeting. She didn’t, so she cancelled the meeting, with the following smart note, revealing that she does understand something very deep about Nietzsche:

"I will write my paper and send it to you in the very near future (I hope). I know that I am not doing this the way that you want but this is how life works. Nietzsche would say that it’s something like a woman, something about always changing the way that things should be. Men should be used to it by now. I like his outlook, I think he was on to something."

So what do you do when you have an hour and a half free on a sunny day in central Ohio? Eat lunch? No. Because beauty is a witch, you ride your bike. So I did. A perfect day for it, on the Old Lincoln Highway as Isabella is dancing on the road, a trucker gives me a thumbs up and then hails me to pull over. Never argue with a trucker, so I obey. The fat man comes waddling up to me, apologizing: "Never done that before, Buddy, sorry. Just couldn’t resist. I had to see her up close. That is the prettiest bike I’ve ever seen." I have my Lincoln class tonight, talking about the Gettysburg Address. It may seem anti-climactic after this lunch ride.

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If the weather was as glorious as that here in the northeast of the state, you had a lovely ride, indeed. It is a cheerful, sunny spring, after a long dark winter, but summer seems a long way off. May you miss more appointments and stretch your pleasure.

That was a sweet sentiment. Thank you.

You know, I have been thinking on it and Nietzsche is an ass. I quote Wodehouse in that, so I know I am right.

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