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The WaTi’s Donald Lambro talks to a couple of analysts who think that the public is in a rotten mood: as the party in control, so to speak, Republicans suffer more, but Democrats don’t look like they’re regarded as a refreshing change of pace.

And the NYT’s David Kirkpatrick visits Pat Robertson’s backyard and discovers that conservative evangelicals are keeping their eyes on the ball:

Most of the evangelical Christians interviewed said that so far they saw Mr. Foley’s behavior as a matter of personal morality, not institutional dysfunction.

All said the question of broader responsibility had quickly devolved into a storm of partisan charges and countercharges. And all insisted the episode would have little impact on their intentions to vote.

I think that there’s some institutional dysfunction there, but, given this story, perhaps a little collegial self-discipline (or attempts at it). In Foley’s case, it proved ineffective, and those who knew seem not to have taken their concerns to the hierarchy.

I am however, waiting for stories about "inappropriate" Congressional heterosexual behavior regarding the pages. Is there none? Or would exposing that element of it point to bipartisan malfeasance?

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