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A few weeks ago I spoke at the Heritage Foundation on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. It was personal, informal, a conversational talk, and certainly not a lecture on the politics of the Revolution. It is longer than most podcast I have put out, but may suit you just in case you are taking a longer than normal walk with your iPod. (Of course you can listen to it at your computer too, just by clicking on the little mp3 logo). Next week I will get back to a regular schedule with my podcasts. Some of the things I will want to be talking with folks about include the following themes: westerns, especially John Ford movies; Shakespeare, and why he remains so popular around the world; Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book on Lincoln; Washington’s friendship with Jefferson; why Xenophon should be taken more seriously; why reading aloud shouldn’t be allowed to die a quiet death; is civic education making a comeback? There will be other topics, by and by.

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