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Brits living abroad

Almost one in ten Brits live abroad, according to the latest government study. "Figures suggest the rate of departure has been so great that population falls are only masked by immigration."

While Australia is the top location (circa 1.3 million, the same as USA and Canada combined) increasing numbers are heading to major Asian economies. There are three British pensioners living in Tahiti, and six pensioners living Cuba, but none in North Korea.

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I teach in Northwest of my students is from Britain. Her father moved here last year to fulfill his life long dream and open a campground. She said that the cost of living is so high in Britain that they could never have bought the campground over there, so they came to America.

In LA, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an expat brit. Especially in Santa Monica. I assume that they’re escaping the miserable weather. Indeed, that may have been the motivation for the whole British Empire.

They have enormous motivations...costs of living, taxes, crappy medical care, terrorism, crappy weather, Big Brother on every street corner, Muslims taking over the country, and the allure of America. My question is: What selection bias is operating? Are these the people who were "born American" but just happened to be born in Britain, or are they simply economic refugees (of which I don’t think we need more)?

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