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Iraq’s economy

I was surprised to read that the Iraqi economy is thriving, and this is reported in Newsweek, of all places. Judging by the extravagant reporting on the mischief there, I thought the place had already disintegrated. Not yet, I guess, not yet. Yet, this is very bad news for Iraqis.

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Notice, however, that it is in the INTERNATIONAL version of Newsweek. Rest assured the American public won’t be exposed to such scurrilous material.

Gentleman, the war is lost just as soon as the Dims take over Congress in January...same thing as Vietnam. Let’s face it...America will never again be truly strong when a third of its voting citizens distrust their homeland more than they distrust...almost anyone else. Pitiful.

dain, the good news about this phenomenon in Iraq is that while the US effort may be - ok, I also think "is" would be the right word there - disastrously winding up, the Iraqi people have something to lose and therefore might not settle for disaster.

I love the idea of the "trickle-down" effect of corruption in the economy. It was just that kind of economic activity that kept the USSR going at the end. Oh. Maybe that is not so cheery. But the Iraqi government turning to free-market reforms is good. It does sound like "Everything is so bad we might as well try some free-market ideas." It seems like silver-lining-in-a-storm-cloud-type stuff, but it IS good news. Maybe it feels like good news because it reminds us that even in a mess, people manage to make something of what is available. Maybe I am tired of thinking about how people are no damned good for anything, all the time. Any of us, knowing the worst of ourselves, might be tempted to be cheered by goodness coming out of evil. It is a good time of year to think about redemption, even of some redeeming value in corruption.

My favorite line of the article:

"The withdrawal of a certain great power could drastically reduce the foreign money flow, and knock the crippled economy flat."

Is this advocating that the American troops in Iraq should remain there? Certainly seems to be the case.

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