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While I don’t get all this manliness stuff below, I would like to mention a book I have been reading and one that continues to be readable, even late into the night. I started it months ago, then life pushed, but now I have been able to push back and so I read. Might be a good thing to read during Christmas: Efraim Karsh’s Islamic Imperialism: A History. A great read and maybe--now that I think about it--the subject might be related to manliness.

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It’s the book that I’m reading right now.

Islamic imperialism? Oh Come on - that’s like jumbo shrimp, it is just impossible! Everyone knows imperialism means dead white guys enslaving people of color and tying them up with malaria blankets while back in Europe their wives expired chained up in chastity belts. I took Western Civ at a State School - you’re rewriting history! Ever heard of the Crusades? That’s when Muslims who sprang from the ground in the Holy land and were indigenous and never invaded or hurt anyone and just weaved colorful cloth and wrote philosophy and invented banking were attacked by evil non-bathing Christians because the Pope wanted more spice. Islamic imperialism indeed! Next thing you’ll say is that Muslims were involved in the slave trade and, well, look - Islams means peace, ok?

Thanks for the tip. It looks good. I ordered a copy through your link.

Uh.For wm post#2....uh sir/whatever..a simple inquiry.

Uhhh...well, were you born a fool or are you self-made?

I would like to think it was the latter, since one’s parents could not have sired such a jester who prostrates himself to his perceived Islamic "betters".

jesse fan, I think wm’s post was a joke. Yours was, too. Right?

Only a fan of Jesse Helms could miss the irony in wm’s comment. Oh, wait....

Irony in print, electronic as it is, is not as perceptable as irony in the spoken word.

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