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This op-ed in yesterday’s NY Times on Nalanda University in India (and the political uses to which something like a new version of it might be put) was interesting mainly because I didn’t know there was a university (rather than a monastery) there. It was founded in 427 by Buddhists it lasted until 1197. There is some talk of "reviving" it, hence the op-ed.

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The story must have been written by an evil neo-con Islamaphobe, because it mentions (lies I’m sure) that Nalanda was finally destroyed in the twelfth century by the religion of peace. How could that be? Islam was a shining beacon of culture, tolerance, and civilization in the twelfth century - only the evil Western European Crusaders committed violent acts - I am so confused. Would Muslims really destroy a university? That would be as bad as say - I dunno - dismembering a teacher because he taught girls math. Couldn’t be. Were the forces that destroyed Nalanda really Christians disguised as Muslims, like the Boston Tea Party?

I think we need to be more understanding toward the cultural mores of Islam. Surely after their years of oppression at the hands of the Euro-phallo-centric Western elite we should appreciate the need for Moslems to dismember people.

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