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I’m famous. Not

I think. Hat tip: my dad.

Update: I’m not sure anyone can see the picture on the link, which is of a KLM Fokker F-50 with the name "Knippenberg" emblazoned across it.

Update #2: It was a photoshopped version of this photo. Egg on my face. Thanks to commenter Michael D., who put me on to the way of searching for airplane pictures.

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I was on the local news tonight for about 2-3 minutes (CBS affiliate) so I am famous too. I think my 15 minutes are up.

The link doesn’t work for me, Joe. I keep getting a prompt asking for a username and password to access your e-mail account.

Nerver mind.

When fame only comes after a password, well...

Joe, can you see the tail registration on the plane? Should be five letters, the first two of which are "PH." I can dig up a picture online pretty easily if I don’t have to go through every F-50 ever operated by KLM. Finding it could become a mild obsession for me, otherwise.

Would that be PH-LXK? Thanks.

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