Strengthening Constitutional Self-Government

No Left Turns

Winning without throwing bombs

John Tomasi explains to folks in Manhattan how he prospers at Brown.

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John is a wonderful guy and I’ve benefited enormously from his teaching. It’s truly amazing that he’s been able to flourish as he has - his history of political thought course easily enrolls 250 or more every semester. Bravo to him...

I’ve seen such a class with 250 done extremely well (Allan Bloom in Toronto), but I prefer smaller, more conversational (or should I say dialogic?) approaches to political philosophy.

Yes, he appears to be planting small seeds of alternative thought. Bravo! I suspect that, given the tiniest acorns, many an oak will grow in time. We did not lose these institutions over-night, and we will simply have to "eat our soup" and tend our groves, awaiting the end of this "long march" to regain our birthright on college campuses.

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