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Just in case you haven’t seen this horror.

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My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

"As you’ve probably noticed, the mainstream American media hitherto have given no real information on the shooter and his motives in the recent Virginia Tech killings. After doing searches for about 30 minutes, the best information I could uncover was from a Swiss newspaper! Hopefully more information will be forthcoming. I notice that all the major news networks are failing to comment that the shooter, according to a couple survivors, was Asian." - Conservative Times (

It been reported now by several witnesses that the shooter was of Asian descent. A sophomore boy who was in the German class that the shooter killed a professor and several students in said that the shooter was Asian, had a stoic expression on his face, and didn't say a word as he killed the professor then randomly shot at students.

MSNBC reported on television about an hour ago that the shooter MAY have been a Chinese national that has been in the country since June, and the FBI isn't ruling out terrorism (I knew someone would play the terrorism card as soon as I read the story...).

Sad, sad events. I can't even begin to imagine something like this happening here at Ashland. How awful...

Apparently in the V-Tech massacre, in contrast to the Amish School shootings last fall, some of the professors died trying to save their students:

[20 Year Old Alec] Calhoun said that the two students behind him were shot, but that he believed they survived. Just before he climbed out the window, Calhoun said, he turned to look at the professor, who had stayed behind, perhaps to block the door.

The instructor was killed, he said.

The guy is a foreigner, and yet the media is out there asking "what does this say about us?" As if the shooter were an American! So what we have is the worst shooting in American history, perpetuated by a guy in the country on one of those damn student visas. That whole program needs to be gone over with a fine-toothed comb. I have a cousin at Va. Tech, we didn't know if she was among the living or the dead until after dinner. And this isn't the first Chinese student who decided to go off on a shooting spree. It happened at Iowa too, and there too, he went after the teachers.

One student said the shooter was blazing away with a "smile on his face" and no emotion in his eyes. Killing American strangers made this Chinese guy happy. And yet the media decides this is another one of those opportune moments to indulge in one of their favourite pastimes: Navel gazing.

Instead of asking what this says about us, why doesn't some brightspark decide to go ask the Chinese Ambassador "what does this say about YOU, about the state of YOUR society?"

I have absolutely NO doubt that many an American student and teacher displayed great poise and courage today. Americans are a resourceful and gutty people. Some students barricaded classroom doors. Some threw down chairs and desks trying to delay pursuit so that their classmates could get out. There they were, sitting there in class, probably bored out of their minds, checking out the hot brunette in the other row or trying unsuccessfully to fend off sleep, and then the shooting started, POP! POP! POP! And what did they do then? Their minds cleared and they got busy, FAST! Within seconds! I have NO doubt that many more would have been killed but for some great heroics by some students and teachers.

I only taught in Virginia for a couple of years, but the private school where I worked sent a dozen or two students to Tech every year. I still wait, disbelieving that any of them could be counted among the victims.

Well, I knew this would be an...ahem..."interesting" thread the moment I saw it. It doesn't disappoint.

"Apparently in the V-Tech massacre, in contrast to the Amish School shootings last fall, some of the professors died trying to save their students"

What's this about? A little dig at the pacifist Amish? But if the WOMEN schoolteacher(s) at that Amish school had tried to be heroic, I can imagine people here criticizing them for being inappropriately "manly" or something equally silly.

"What's this about? A little dig at the pacifist Amish?"

There's no room for pacifism when children's lives are being taken.

Yeah, right, R.O.B., damn that Emma Mae Zook (the schoolteacher) for fleeing the scene and calling the police. She should have tried to tackle the insane, trigger-happy guy who was armed to the teeth. At least then she would have died trying to save her students!

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