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Here is the video General Petreaus� news conference of yesterday. About an hour long. Worth some of your time. Smart guy. Michael O�Hanlon (of Brookings) did an interview with Hugh Hewitt about Iraq that is (unsurprisingly) thoughtful. I have noticed a more serious conversation over the last few days even by the ordinary media (CNN, et al) about Iraq and the consequences of a quick retreat. Even some opponents of Bush�s policy are starting to publicly admit that it would be a horror. This is related to the Democrats� success in attempting to force a withdrawl via the spending bill, which more fully reveals their arrogance (never mind Harry Reid�s audiable stupidity and Pelosi�s decision not to meet with Petreaus). Everyone�s mind may be starting to focus now on the future, rather than taking revenge on Bush for the past (i.e., for going into Iraq in the first place). The other good effect of all this is that the Iraqis� minds should become even more focused: they are one out away from the ninth inning. Show us what stuff you are made of, before the Dems fully take over. Don�t wait. And whatever good you do will have consequences for both American and Iraqi politics. Also read this op-ed by O�Hanlon.

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