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Mike Adams’s promotion

If you read Mike Adams’s columns at Townhall, you probably already know about his lawsuit over having been denied promotion to full professor. The ADF’s David French, his attorney, provides more commentary and links to the complaint here.

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Of course he was discriminated against...he has been rubbing their collective noses in their own foolishness far too publically to expect anything less. We will see if he wins. My bet is, he will.

I try to keep fairly up to speed on right-wing punditland, but I have to admit that I had never heard of Mike Adams before. So, I went over to Townhall to check him out. I had to scroll through teasers for the latest from Ann Coulter ("Ho Ho Ho, Merry Imus!" - and here I thought the right was going to give her the pink slip!), Tom Delay, Oliver North, Chuck Colson (I know, I know - they were all framed.), and Pat Robertson's holy lawyer Jay Sekulow to locate Adams' latest. It's entitled "Al Sharpton: Nappy-Headed Race Ho?" and employs the same technique used by Steve Hayward in an earlier post here at NLT - of miniaturizing Imus' offense as part of focusing a spotlight of scorn on Al Sharpton. He does get around to scolding Imus, though not for what one might expect (you know, referring to accomplished students and basketball players as "nappy-headed hos"). He concludes with this: "And, shame on you, Don Imus, for consenting to an interrogation at the hands of Al Sharpton. He might not be nappy headed. But he certainly is a whore." Classy!

Another thread in the right-wing blogosphere's moral fabric? So much for "web civility" - see the blog post just prior to this one...

I'm no lawyer, but I have to believe proving discrimination has to be a somewhat difficult task. Wouldn't it take two things -- proving Adams' claim to merit is valid, and proving others were promoted with less merit?

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