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Progress in Iraq?

The WaPo with General Petraeus in the air over Baghdad, and Max Boot on the ground all over Iraq. As Petraeus apparently constantly observes, the Baghdad clock ticks too slowly and the Washington clock too quickly (my paraphrase).

Update: Reuel Marc Gerecht discusses the mechanism of the Iraqi clock.

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Petraeus has little influence on the Washington clock. Who does that leave to influence events in Washington? McCain has been the only consistent vocal supporter of the military operations in Iraq. The WH maintains its weird detachment from what is happening. Giuliani is not on board with the war in Iraq, something the voters seem slow to realize.

All I see in Washington is either a desire for defeat in Iraq (the Democrats) or indifference (the Republicans). That makes the outcome a forgone conclusion.

I believe the White House has requested that all reporting or blogging on progress in Iraq include the word "surge", correct?

Here's a great Ramirez cartoon paying tribute to the glorious strategy that is The Surge.

Wow, I've been looking all over this blog for something about Iraq. Looks like the Ashbrookers don't like to talk about it anymore. Wonder why? The aptly named Max Boot overlooks the big picture. Of course we can "win" in Iraq-- there's only about 21 million of them (+4 million refugees)-- 1 million U.S. soldiers could easily bring peace, stability, and order to Iraq. So if we're willing to bankrupt our nation, we can "win" a Pyrric victory. Let's go! What are we waiting for! Veto the surrender bill!

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