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But I can’t help it. Today’s Wall Street Journal real estate page brings news that rapper Snoop Dog is selling is house. . . in Claremont! Who knew? And why isn’t he a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute?

So, since the Imus affair is prompting calls to clean up rap lyrics, maybe Mr. Dog can do a Claremont Rap, something like:

[Cue . . .]

Out in Claremont, a man named Strauss,

When it came to moderns

He burned down the house.

And those homeboys, Hobbes and Locke,

Leo the Lion—he cleaned their clock.

And that rad dude, Niccolo Machiavelli,

One thing is clear—

He ain’t no Kokopeli.

Don’t forget Spinoza and Cicero,

Which almost rhyme with [Imus terms omitted]

Don’t say that Montesquieu

Can only be read by the select few;

All this esoterica,

Is unfit for America.

Stick to Lincoln,

To keep us thinkin’

No one gets this more than the man named Harry,

Whom all the easterners think is scary;

He’s the real Snoop Dog of the West,

And Imus can give it now a rest.

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My god! Soon we'll be seeing Mr. Hayward on youtube rapping and Snoop discussing Shakespeare with Charles Kesler. God help us.

Ha ha, funny, but unfortunately false, since neocons truly despise the real West, as they despise the real America, with its real British and European past, which they seek to destroy and replace with a Jacobin proposition nation. As Claes Ryn has noted, the neocons, being anti-conservative, despise "the ancestral" and everything it stands for. They are as big of enemies of the West as are Leftists. Oh wait, the two are the same.

Boy, some people are really humor-deprived. Maybe a federal program can help.

Homeboys Hobbes and Locke,

they sealed our fate

when they ushered in

the modern state.

Harry's boy Lincoln

was Hobbes's fool.

Why do the Ashbrook boys

think he is so cool?

If the Old Republic

you want to restore

then it's Filmer and Maistre

that you should adore


You are to hip hop what Karl Rove is to hip hop.

Mr. Tootle:

Boy, you really know how to hurt a guy!

Mr. Phillips: Maybe we should form our own label, and go on tour?

Locke was a lib.

He claimed we were a blank slate,

but every conservative knows

human nature is innate.

Lincoln and his War,

let’s get this straight,

fostered the worship

of the Jacobin State.

Calhoun, Davis and Lee,

they were great.

It is they not Lincoln

conservatives should venerate.


"Mr. Phillips: Maybe we should form our own label, and go on tour?"

I think there may well be some money in that idea. Do I get to have a posse?

We kid because we love. I am also hoping that you don't mind if I steal from Age of Reagan in my upcoming 70s book. Don't worry though. I only ripped off the stories with curse words. I am trying to set a record for putting as much profanity possible in a college textbook.

Of course, most--or all-of the profanity in my book is quoted from eminent public figures, like Senator Ribicoff at the 1968 Dem convention.

But this reminds me of the ploy Johnny Carson used in 1979. He quoted in his monologue Jimmy Carter's comment that if Ted Kennedy ran, "I'll whip his ass." Carson paused, then said--"There's no punch line, but when you're quoting the President of the United States, you can slip more by the NBC censors." That got the laugh.

Yes, Calhoun was great. Especially when he said slavery was a positive good. And Mr. Hayward, Machiavelli appered on the sixth line; cunning or coincidence? I wonder . . .

This may be the worst thing I have ever seen. If you want to murder me, post yourself performing this rap on YouTube, because I will blow my brains out.

It has been decades since my experimentation with LSD. And not in all those years have I come so close to a "flashback."

I want to see the duo of Hayward and Dan Phillips doing a Rap version of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Well . . . perhaps not.

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