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In preparing to lead a faculty seminar on liberal education the week after next, I came across this site, worth some exploration by those who care about liberal education and religion, as well as by those who care about liberal education simply. There’s even a whole collection of papers from a conference on assessment and the liberal arts (be still, my beating heart!).

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You might be interested in one of my erstwhile philosophy professor's books on this topic: The Liberal Arts College and the Ideal of Liberal Education: The Case For Radical Reform, by Henry H. Crimmel (PhD Chicago in the mid-50s under McKeon). He also had at least a couple of articles published on this issue, "The Myth of the Teacher-Scholar" and "Logic as a Liberal Art." Sorry, I don't have the citations handy. I have mixed feelings about what Crimmel was up to, but he was a wonderful contrarian, and like any great teacher, he really forced you to think 'without bannisters' (as Arendt was fond of saying).

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