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What I’ll be doing next week

Co-leading a faculty seminar on liberal education. The point is to find a ground for collegiality and universality in something other than our contingent solidarity (as Rorty would put it).

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What a great seminar! Too bad I'm too far away to attend it. Anything you recollect would be interesting, no doubt.

I agree with Richard; I was particularly struck by the genuine diversity in the readings. Keep us posted on the conversations that ensue. A good way to spend a summer week! (How's swimming these days?)

I'll post some stuff over at Knippenblog.

As for swimming, the first meet is on May 31st: both Knippenkids are among the younger ones in their age groups (9/10 and 11/12), so this may be the year that they learn the humility their dad learned in 2006.

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