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Reverse missionaries in Europe

This article puts a human face on a growing phenomenon--missionaries from Asia, Africa, and the Americas evangelizing Europe.

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I'm currently living in Belgium, and I get proselytizers at my door regularly... mostly Jehovah's Witnesses, occasionally some Mormans, and once in a great while some other evangelicals. And I do appreciate the irony of this going on in what used to be the great bastion of Christianity.

And, after living for 6 years in Saudi Arabia, I will never, ever slam a door on these visitors who have undertaken a difficult and often unappreciated mission. I'm comfortable in my own faith, and don't need to debate the merits of theirs... so I send them on their way with a friendly "God Bless You!" And I also say a quiet prayer myself, thanking God that I'm no longer living in a place where people like this would be punished severely for their beliefs.

Just my $.02


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