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Funny concept, but it doesn't beat Dysfunctional Family Circus which invited readers to submit the most horrific captions possible to a Family Circus cartoon. Predictably, the King Features people put a stop to that one long ago.

This is the first one I got:

"In Christianity neither morality nor religion come into contact with reality at any point."

Hmmmm....are you sure you want to promote this on NLT? Well, the same idea of thinker-meets-cheeseball comic could be implemented with Leo Strauss, Irving Kristol, or Harry Jaffa quotes, I guess.

But I gotta agree with piker, it surely doesn't beat the old Dysfunctional Family Circus, and I say that as someone who truly loved the unaltered Family Circus as a kid - but still had a gnawing sense of its absurdity even then.

That Nietzsche quote would certainly be useful next time some Christian pacifist comes at you with that "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" garbage.

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