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From "Silence of the Lambs" to "The Noisiest Sheep"

Jonathan Demme, the man who brought us "Silence of the Lambs," is now foisting on us a movie that should be called The Screeching Sheep. But no: "The Man from Plains" is a documentary, out shortly, about our GEPE*, Jimmy Carter. See how he bleats.

Clarice Starling would no doubt prefer the company of Dr. H. Lecter over the Ham-Handed Hannibal of Plains, GA. Jimmy no doubt has "Inconvenient Truth" envy, and even though Gore is safe as the BEVPE**, Jimmy can’t rest too secure, you know.

*Stands for "Best Ex-President Ever."

**Stands for "Best Ex-Vice President Ever."

Boy, the word "ex" never sounded so good.

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GEPE, surely equals greatest ex-president ever?

Either way, it's perfect.

What a bunch of nonsense. Why not just say that you hate Jimmy Carter and be done with it? The contrived efforts at humor, with a fictional character from a movie preferring the company of a fictional serial killer to that of an actual former president, and calling Carter a sheep, are just silly. As it is, your post just reads like something you took from Rush Limbaugh.

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