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Some bad guys (hundreds, maybe a thousand) captured a fort in Pakistan; first time ever. Not good. And then there is this, and this. Not good.

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We need to get more Republicans in office now, so as to protect us from the bad guys (evil-doers), right?

What are Democrats going to do to make that situation any better?

Today has a new fiasco, a Pakistani Army unit running away from their fort even without an attack. Maybe it is not true: But an army spokesman told the BBC he had received no such reports.

However, that Al Qaeda killed Bhutto actually IS good news, given some of the other possibilities.

Preemptively, I offer this ugly news. But he has not been a "Republican in office" for a long time. Or maybe he will not be convicted and will be proved to be a man of principle, since his forth-coming book is titled, A Deadly Misunderstanding: A Congressman's Quest to Bridge the Muslim-Christian Divide which sounds like something a Democrat might have written.

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