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Pro-life youth?

Is the anti-abortion movement becoming more predominantly youthful while the abortion rights movement is aging? Also, abortions in the U.S. are at their lowest rate since 1974.

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I work in DC and was out on the Mall during my lunch hour on Jan. 22 (the date of the March for Life). I was struck by the fact that most of the protesters I saw were high school or college age kids, generally milling about in huge groups. It was the first visible evidence I have seen in support of the argument that the demographics portend poorly for the old secular left, which may be failing to reproduce itself. I believe the Post had a story on this in yesterday's paper...

Peter, Thanks for posting this. All the OLD coger Republican candidates need to notice this; a comparatively young one does.

This is still 1.21 million abortions last year. Of course, while one death might be a tragedy, a million is a statistic for the Guttmacher Institute, and maybe for the old codger candidates. How many of those 1.21 million might vote for Republicans?

Still and all, as a trend, yes, it is good news. I guess it is better to look at this as the glass half-full and filling.

Thank you, Pedro. Such good news is always welcome.

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