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The closing of the Italian mind

In response to student and faculty protests, the Pope has decided not to visit an Italian university. Shame on those unwilling to entertain reasonable dissent from their views.

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"... objecting to Benedict's presence, citing words from a 1990 lecture in which he seemed to justify the Vatican’s condemnation of the astronomer Galileo Galilei in the 17th century."

I would love to see the original context of Benedict's lecture, and then to see the way these faculty members presented the context of his wording. I have a sense the faculty members chose to see in his words whatever dark clouds they wished to see.

Benedict strikes me as a careful writer and speaker. My guess is he was making a more subtle point, and the faculty members opted to seize the words out of context to make their point ... whatever that point really is. I doubt their motives are entirely what they say their motives are.

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