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Fake Snow or Fake Lawsuit?

Eugene Volokh, kappelmeister of the Volokh Conspiracy, directs our attention to this interesting court ruling where a group of Navajo indians native Americans sued the government to prohibit the use of man-made snow in a ski resort on federal land in Arizona. Seems the recycled water contained a tiny amount of human waste, which offended the spiritual sensibilities of the Navajos. The court, the normally wacky 9th Circuit, disagreed, and sent the plaintiffs packing.

I suspect this was really an environmental lawsuit--the greens don’t like downhill skiing--disguised as a religious freedom lawsuit. And it is confusing: I thought we are supposed to be for recycling?

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Steve. Is that downhill skiing or dunghill skiing?

Don't worry, the plaintiffs will appeal the ruling en banc, and knowing the 9th Circuit as we all do, --------------- they stand a very good chance of getting what they want.

The Yuppies like environmentalism to not get in the way of their leisure time.

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