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Here’s a shout-out, high-five, and fist-bump between me and Schramm for calling this one. (About time . . . our track record ain’t so good the last couple years.)

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I think this is a terrific choice. Appeals to conservatives, women (including maybe even some disaffected Hillary supporters), and to some of young. Large family, oldest son (18) is in the Army; reform credentials big time; very smart, very good administrator, by all accounts; and very tough, I am told. Biden will have his hands full, and his mouth zipped.
Great choice. McCain, on his birthday (74?) announces this; she is 44, I think. Clever.

I called it back in June. :P (Second paragraph)

Sarah Palin:


ROB: Well done!!

As for me, I didn't see this one coming. However, I had a bullseye with Biden, for I called Biden months and months ago.

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