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But. . . Signs of Progress

On the other hand, yesterday’s Times story by Sam Roberts on the confirmation that the Rosenbergs were indeed Soviet spies actually describes Howard Zinn as a "left wing history professor." As I live and breathe: the Times finally spots someone they have to call a left winger.

Then there is this bit of comedy writing in the piece:

“Were they guilty of some sort of conspiracy to commit some sort of espionage?” asked [Leonard J. Lehrman, co-director of the half-century-old National Committee to Reopen the Rosenberg Case]. “That’s a purely subjective judgment."

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The Times forgot pro-terrorist.

Howard Zinn: “To me it didn’t matter whether they were guilty or not. . . "

I was in an airport the other day and saw, not for the first time, a copy of his "People's History" - a book that evidently sells to air travelers. It is also widely used by high school teachers and does great harm.

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